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Farm to Table Experience

We were extremely excited for Jake's Hotel's Women Who Farm Dinner back in March and as a woman in cheese, I am a part of a large, universal community with other female cheese makers, cheese mongers, cheese business owners and even dairy farmers but here on the island, there are more men in business than there are women, especially in areas of farming and manufacturing so the opportunity was important to both Gordon and I. 

The collection of women who grew the amazingly fresh greens, herbs and vegetables that were used to prepare dinner and the all women's kitchen staff spoke passionately about how they grew, harvested and prepared the evening's meals; anyone who appreciates good food and knowing exactly how and where their food comes from would have had enjoyed the evening. 

I was able to connect with these women, not just on the topic of business, but farming as well. We grow a lot of the edible flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables that we use in cheesemaking and on our grazing tables so we were happy to trade growing tips and ideas with them.

Before dinner, we put together a large grazing table with four of our cheeses (Jamaican Jack, False Banana, Half & Half and Red Maroon), our favourite homemade rosemary bread and Belcour Preserves' jams, honey and marmalade which we expertly paired with each of our cheeses. We also paired the cheeses with herbs like dill and thai basil which add a bright freshness when had with the bread and cheese. 
Our friends at Ruby Goat Dairy  also brought their goat cheeses and goat milk which they mixed with Jamaican white rum, an unexpectedly delightful drink!

At sunset we all sat down to the freshest food available, some of which came from only a few kilometres away. The comradery, thought provoking conversation and great food are some of the reasons why we are in this business; to build, grow and harness meaningful moments that pivot on thoughts about food, farming, cooking and the raw appreciation of the things that add value to life.
We look forward to even more of these events and experiences that push forward not just women who farm and those in business but also the food industry in Jamaica.

You can experience a dinner at Jake's Hotel as well. They are held every full moon! Call Jake's Hotel to book a spot.

With Love,