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Find Our Cheeses

 Your Family Friendly Butcher.

The Butcher Block is the best place to shop for Jamaican meats and poultry, including cured meats and homemade sausages among many others. Find Williamsfield Wildflower exclusively here as well as Jamaican Jack, Half and Half, False Banana and Red Maroon. 

Made With Love.

The Best Breads on The Island! Stop by for bread and pastries to go with our cheeses. 

Loshusan Supermarket has a wide selection of local and international groceries and stands tall as one of the island's specialty supermarkets. 

The freshest foods and the best value!

Stop by for our cheeses at Super Valu Freshfoods on Constant Spring Road in Kingston.

Come In. Relax. Discover. Enjoy. Leave Happy.

Uncorked is Jamaica's only established cheese shop; carrying our cheeses as well as cheeses from the United States and Europe. Find Jamaican Jack and False Banana here!

Friendly Service With A Smile.

Find the perfect wines here to go with our cheeses as well as a host of other snackable items. A favourite stop for local chefs.

 An expansive supermarket with locations in Ocho Rios, Portmore and Montego Bay (Whitter Village and Bogue), that offers a wide selection of produce and products in addition to Jamaican Jack, Red Maroon and Half and Half cheeses.

Supermarket to the Villas of Half Moon Hotel, find our cheeses here as well as on their café menu.

A sweet little grocery shop located in Priory, St. Ann by the Richmond Estates, LFA provides customers with our locally made Jamaican Jack, Half and Half and Red Maroon. 

General Food (Kingston & Ochi Rios)

General Foods, located in both Kingston and Ocho Rios, stocks our cheeses: Jamaican Jack, Red Maroon and Half and Half in their dairy section.

Located in Salem, St. Ann, L&M Meats is the perfect grocery stop for tourists in the surrounding Villas and locals are regular customers as well. You can find our cheeses in their dairy section.