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Art ,Science or something in between?

Cheese Making has dated back to the beginning of civilization from a time of milk curdled in goat skin, to what it has become today, a form of expression, Moving from mere survival and a means of preservation.

As man continues to become advanced and refined so has his practices. As mans ambitions has lead him to ascend to the moon , so has his/her ambitions  with his pursuit to create new an innovative and delicious cheeses  though  Incorporating both science and art into the process. 

I like to believe my personal cheese making journey has been a mixture of both an artistic expression and scientific interest  were  mishaps, have only been experiments and short falls a birth of something new and one of a kind, as no two wheels of artisan cheeses are the same . 

While reflecting on the nature of natural science and art I concluded that it does matter the position cheese making takes as long as the cheese taste damn good lol.
Eat Cheese and Live
Gordon Dempster