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The Ultimate  Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich


This is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich with crispy, crunchy Jamaican-style hardo bread and gooey cheese from us here at Outland Hurders; including our slightly spicy Jamaican Jack and our tangy Crescenza (you can substitute with Red Maroon). This sandwich also has sweet caramelized onions and fresh rosemary which ties it all together. It's a symphony of flavours and textures; crunchy, savory, soft, gooey, chewy, sweet and salty . 

Our classic melt using our Jamaican Jack and Crescenza 
  • Prep Time : 10 min l Cook Time : 10 min l Total Time : 20 min l Serves : 2

4 Slices of Hardo Bead/Sourdough
40 grams Jamaican Jack
40 grams Crescenza (or Red Maroon) 
4 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp of Caramelized Onions
A Sprig of Rosemary 


1. Shave or grate your desired quantity of Jamaican Jack and Crescenza, we like to really fill up on the cheese here so don't hold back. 

2. Heat your panini press, cast iron or dutch pan over medium-low heat.

3. Brush each slice of bread with coconut oil.

4. Stack the cheeses on two of the slices and add the caramelized onions and chopped rosemary. 

5. Top with the remaining slices of bread and carefully place the sandwiches in the press or on your pan.

6. Close the panini press or press down on the sandwich using a spatula and cook on one side for 3 to 5 minutes until underside of bread is golden and cheese has almost fully melted.

7.  Flip Sandwich and press for another 3 minutes until both sides of bread are golden brown and cheese is fully melted.

8.  Remove Slice and Enjoy!

Outland Cheesy Frittata 

We made a frittata with local homegrown ingredients, including our Half and Half and Jamaican Jack cheese (it was maybe 60% cheese, cant really have enough cheese LOL). It was amazing brunch food and went goes well with a salad or toasted sourdough bread. We thought it best to share the experience :D.

Outland Cheesy Frittata 

Our  Outland Cheesy Frittata uses Jamaican Jack and Half And Half

  • Prep Time : 20 min l Cook Time : 20 min l Total Time : 40 min
8 eggs 
1Cup Chorizo (or any sausage of your liking)
80 grams Jamaican Jack
80 grams Half and Half
20 ml cooking cream
200 grams green peas
1 Tbsp Olive Oil 
2 knobs of Butter
1/4 cup of yellow onions
1/4 cut of sliced Cherry tomatoes
2 cups of chopped Kale
Salt and Pepper to taste.


1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit or 218 Celsius (it always bugs me when recipes don't give you Fahrenheit and Celsius) .

2.  While oven is preheating crack eggs in a mixing bowl adding 40 grams of Jamaican Jack, 40 grams  Half And Half and the 20ml of cooking cream. Gentle  mixing and incorporating each ingredient. Adding salt to taste (Do not over mix  egg mixture).

 3.  Preheat Pan  over medium heat adding 1 tbsp of olive oil  add Chorizo ,onions, green peas, kale and tomatoes cooking till Chorizo is crispy and onions are translucent. 

4.  Once onions are Translucent and Chorizo is crisp reduce the head on the pan to low , gently add the egg mixture and the 2 knobs of butter. Slowly stir the mixture to incorporate the butter into the eggs.

5.  Once the mixture begins to cook along the edges gentle  pull the edges into the center of the pan  to help even cooking. Once the Frittata begins to cook evenly add the remaining cheese and place it in the oven for 5 minutes to finish. 

6.  Serve and Enjoy!

Red Maroon French Onion Soup

We made French Onion Soup using our Red Maroon cheese to combat rainy days we had in Jamaica and decided to share it with you for our own rainy days. This onion soup is rich and definitely is a comfort food.

Red Maroon French Onion Soup

Our Onion Soup uses Red Maroon

  • Prep Time : 10 min l Cook Time : 50 min l Total Time : 60 min

3 tbsp of unsalted butter
200 grams of Red Maroon 
5 to 6 Large Onions
4 Cloves minced Garlic
1 Bay leaf
3 tbsp of flour
1/2 cup of dry White Wine
6 cups of Beef Stock
1 tsp of Worcestershire 
sprigs of Thyme
1 Baguette



 1.  Preheat stock pot over medium heat. Add butter and allow it to melt. Once the butter is melted add onions stirring every few minutes to prevent burning . The onion should be cooked until they begin to become translucent and Caramelize(Caramelization  is the goal) this should take about 25 minutes.

2.  Once Onions are close to being completely Caramelized add diced garlic and stir for another minute or two. At this  point 3tbsp of flour should be added and continuously stirred ,cooking for an additional minute (this is important to cook the flour to remove any unpleasant raw taste and also help to develop flavor).

3.  At this stage  your stock pot needs deglazing add your 1/2 cup of dry wine , using a wooden spoon stir your pot removing all the brown bits from the bottom of the pot (remember that brown bits equals flavour :D)

4.  Once your pot is deglazed add your beef stock ,Worcestershire (say it like a pro), thyme and bay leaf. Reduce the head to medium low and let it simmer adding salt and pepper to taste.

5.  While soup is simmering(10 minutes) preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit /205 degrees Celsius . Slice banquette into 1 inch thick pieces. Bake till bread is toasted.

6.  Once the soup is ready ladle it in oven safe bowls ( six serving) topping with the banquette which should  topped with shredded Red Maroon  and placed in a Broiler for 2 to 4 minutes.

7. Remove from Broiler serve immediately and enjoy. 

Jamaican Jack Burger

Jamaican Jack cheese is the perfect addition to burgers And pairs well with a cold Red Strip, this recipe really reflects what Jamaica is to us, a land full of flavor.  This recipe may be a learning experience for some depending on your interpretation. The original recipe is based heavily on making things from scratch from the patty to the burger bun.  Hope you have fun making this burger regardless of the route you take, a store bought bun or making things from scratch.

Jamaican Jack Burger 

Jamaican Jack Burger uses Jamaican Jack (duh)

Store Bought:
Prep Time : 20 min l Cook Time : 10 min l Total Time : 30 min

Made from scratch: 
Prep Time : 45 min l Cook Time : 10 min l Total Time : 55 min


Ground beef (Try to get with a decent amount of fat marbling)
1 Burger Bun
60 grams Jamaican Jack 
2 strips of Bacon
knob of melted butter (optional)
2 tbsp cooking oil of your choice (we went with olive oil)
1 small onion (sliced)
Salt and Pepper


1.  First things first the most important rules with burgers is to prep before any cooking. So begin preparing your tomatoes, lettuce , onions (slicing washing and dicing)  and also creating your secret sauce (which is simple 1 part Mayo 1 part ketchup and 1 parts Mustard) once your sauce is made cover it and store in the fridge.

2.  After you Mise en place is complete (A French way of saying prep before cooking) we are going to turn our attention  to the our ground beef and bacon . Using a Frying pan (preferable a cast iron skillet) set it on the stove at medium low heat. As the pan is heating form  a beef patty by shaping the ground beef (ensuring to be gentle and to not over work the meat). set patties aside (the amount of meat should give you too patties) and place your strips of bacon in the now hot pan.

3.  While the bacon is cooking set a small pan on medium high with  1 tbps of oil  add diced onions allowing them to fry remove onions once crisp and placed to drain on a napkin . By this point your bacon should be cooked remove it from pan and setting it aside to drain.

4.  Reduce heat on pan adding the additional 1tbsp of oil the burger will be cooked in the mixture of bacon fat and Olive oil (we never said it was low fat lol). Once the oil is hot salt and pepper your patties as if salting a steak place the seasoned side down in the pot and let it cook for 2 minutes then flipping it and adding the slices of Jamaican Jack at this point you can brush your patty with abit of melted butter(dnt jump back this is optional). while the burger is cooking for an additional 2 minutes place you burger bun in the pan to toast  remove once toasted(this adds texture).

5. Once your patty is cooked (you should get a medium finish) and cheese is melted remove patty and build your burger and enjoy.  

*Tip : To get cheese to melt evenly add a splash of water and cover your pan while the patty is a minute away from being done.

Outland Hurders Triple Cheese Corn and Pepper Pizza (Vegetarian).

Our Triple Cheese Corn and Pepper Pizza is an easy comfort food for a meatless Monday with your family and is the perfect addition for a movie night. A simple pizza loaded with flavour and one that's worth a try!  

Outland Hurders Triple Cheese Corn and Pepper Pizza (Vegetarian).

  • Prep Time : 15 min l Cook Time : 10 min l Total Time : 25 min


1/2 Cup Corn (Roasted)
1/4 Cup Jamaican Jack
1/4 Cup Half & Half
1/4 Cave Reserve Crezenza (sub with red Maroon)
1/4 Sliced bell peppers (Roasted)
1/4 Onions
Olive Oil
Tomato Sauce 
Pizza Dough (Premade Pizza Base Hungry Mans)(Pizza Dough Recipe )


 1.  Place A pizza stone in your oven  Preheat your oven to the highest temperature this should be between 450-500 Fahrenheit (230-250 Celsius).   

2.  While your oven is pre heating you can focus on your sauce our pies use an uncooked sauce( but of course you can use canned tomatoes).  Prepare your mise en place  (fancy name for prep)  by roasting  both your corn and bell peppers, Grating your cheese and slicing your onions.

3.  Now prep your dough by stretching it and making a circle , sliding on your pizza peal once done(the thickness depending on your preference). If using premade dough simply set it on your pizza peal or baking sheet.

4.  Add sauce on pizza dough starting from the center and spreading it out towards the edges then follow up with your topping place the pizza in the open for 15 minutes ,Finish with a splash of Olive Oil.

5.  Serve and Enjoy.