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Our Story

Our Story 

In 2012, Gordon and Kristina Dempster had the crazy idea to start a cheese making business while they were in college. They had never made or tasted artisan cheeses before but they both had a deep love for food that drove them to learn the intricate art and science of cheese making.
At the time, Jamaica's food scene had been growing and artisan cheese was becoming more accessible to the general population. Uncorked! Jamaica, a cheese and wine shop, had opened it's doors in 2011 and had helped to uncloak the world of artisan cheese on the island. 
Gordon and Kristina began regularly visiting their shop to read the books on cheese they had stocked and every week they would saved money to buy a new artisan cheese to dissect. 
They also began watching videos and reading books, then they made some 'not so great' cheese for the first time in 2013. From then on, they made cheese every chance they got. 
As they learned more about cheese making, their skills improved and by 2015, they decided to start aging their homemade cheeses. 

The next step was proper training, for which Gordon and Kristina travelled abroad in 2016 and with the new information they gathered, they were able to make better cheese that they eventually began sharing with family and friends.
After both had finished college, they began developing their own cheese recipes and by 2018, they launched Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead (Jamaica's first aged artisan cheese making company) at the Made in Manchester Expo. From there, they started participating in more events across the island where they highlighted not only their main cheeses: Jamaican Jack, Red Maroon, Half and Half and False Banana but also experimental cheeses, cave reserve cheeses and any new recipes they were playing around with. That same year they began supplying hotels with their unique Jamaican artisan cheeses. 


In 2019, they moved into retailing their cheeses in boutique stores and supermarkets. They are currently available in over 18 retailers, primarily in Kingston, St. Ann and Montego Bay. 

That same year, the couple travelled to acquire more training and were able to widen they cheese expertise to areas like cheese- wine and beer pairings. Since returning, they launched their Farm Tours which includes a cheese pairing section along with a tour of the dairy that supplies them with milk to make amazing cheese.

As Gordon and Kristina study and learn more about cheese making, they are looking to extend their story beyond the shores of the island and to keep growing Outland Hurders. Stay tuned to see where this cheese journey leads Jamaica's first aged artisan cheese company!